“German science needs a quality initiative. It has to overcome the obstacles which block the matter when it comes to practice.“
(Susanne Baer about gender equality and
gender research

FAM has 25 years of experience in women’s and gender studies. It conducts scientific projects in regional, national and international groups and puts great emphasis on the dialogue between researchers and practitioners working in the field of equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming.

As a non university research institute for women’s and gender issues, FAM mainly focuses on the research about the social situation of women and men and the forms and mechanisms of existing exclusion and marginalisation processes. FAM aims at the development of possibilities for change towards a greater gender justice within society.

FAM conducts its own research projects as well as commissioned work. FAM’s scientists particularly deal with gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting and feminist economics, historical women’s studies as well as labour market and occupational research.

FAM offers a platform for female scientists from different disciplines to work on their topics of research by themselves or in working groups.

FAM’s wide network on local, regional and international level offers a prolific dialogue about feminist research. FAM cooperates with institutions of higher education, public administration, companies and non-governmental organisations.

Selected Projects

  • Gender and Care (2015-2018)
  • Equality Implementation Standards for Universities (2011-2014)
  • Constitution of the Archive about the Women’s Health Movement in Munich (2009-2011)
  • Gender Budgeting as an Instrument for Managing Scientific Organisations to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women and Men – With the Example of Universities (2006-2008)
  • Gender Mainstreaming Practiced within Youth Welfare (2005-2006)

gender und care kleinCare From the Perspective of the Private Household: The Example of Eldercare in a Big City

This research project is one of twelve projects of the Bavarian Research Network ForGenderCare starting in 2015 that focuses on the development of care in connection with changing gender relations (www.bayfor.org/forgendercare).

The project studies private households that are caring for an elderly person with the focus on caregivers and their social environment. Using Munich as an example of a big Bavarian city, we are looking into how male and female caregivers decide what tasks they will take on in connection with eldercare and how they will construct their everyday lives to accommodate the demands of eldercare. The study is interested in primary as well as auxiliary caregivers and takes the social construction of everyday life in private households as its point of departure to study the logic of care practices. We ask: How do care figurations and patterns get established for an elderly person? How are the services of various sectors – market, state, the Third Sector, and possibly the illegal sector – accessed? We are also interested in the changes households make in order to meet increasing eldercare requirements and how they react to and deal with critical events.

The research project hopes to add our understanding of the political economy of care. We expect to be able to identify what specific problems and burdens result from different eldercare figurations and patterns, which structural changes could be made and how public services could be put in place, improved or adjusted in order to provide better care for the elderly and their support networks in urban areas of Bavaria.

For further information contact

Munich University of Applied Sciences
Department of Applied Social Sciences
Am Stadtpark 20
D-80634 München

Prof. Dr. Gerd Mutz, senior researcher
Prof. Dr. Mara S. Rerrich, senior researcher
Katrin Roller, research associate
++49/89/23 54 71 27

In cooperation with
Frauenakademie München e.V. (Women’s Academy Munich)
Baaderstr. 3
D-80469 München
Birgit Erbe, senior researcher
++49/89/72 99 99 62
Sabrina Schmitt, research associate
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