"... that an alliance between equal opportunity policy and gender research can’t
be anything but a subversive one – an alliance which questions power relations."
(Waltraud Ernst, Meeting FRAU MACHT KONKURRENZ
- Women - Power - Competition)

FAM organises seminars and conferences on socio-politically relevant topics from a gender perspective. Thus the results from women’s and gender studies can be communicated to a broader public and an impetus can be given to the socio-political discussion from a gender-relevant point of view. FAM contributes to a critical opinion making and offers new strategies for a gender-equal society.

With its offers of educations and counselling, FAM intends to empower women in their personal, occupational and political action competence.

FAM is acknowledged as an institution for citizenship education by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).

“The meaning of feminist education today” - Please refer to Birgit Erbe’s article about the educational concept of the FAM (as pdf, German).

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