“The Women’s Academy considers itself as a “School of Intervention”,
aiming at the promotion of women’s studies and the women’s
movement’s theory and practice.” (Initial point
of the initiative “Women’s Academy Munich”
/March 08, 1986)

The Women’s Academy Munich reg. assn (FAM Frauenakademie München) is a non-university research institute for women’s and gender issues. As an independent, non-profit association, FAM aims at the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men in all social fields as well as to support women in taking equal positions in science, economy, politics and the public.

FAM has four fields of activity which are science and research, (civic) education, professional counselling and networking for women of science and research, practitioners of gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities, as well as for the interested public.

FAM’s focal points are the theoretical and the empirical research as well as the discussion of the social situation of women and men. Here, FAM mainly aims at the revelation of change potentials towards a gender-equal society.

In recognition of their work, FAM has been institutionally funded as a non-university research institute by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts since 1996. FAM receives additional support in the form of third party funding by the European Union, by federal ministries and the City of Munich. Apart from that, FAM also uses foundation funds, membership fees and donations for their projects.

Here you find the FAM's Flyer (in German) als pdf file

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