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Networks and Projects

Here we want to present you our networks and projects in English. We are sorry that most of our project descriptions are yet in German but please have a look at our networks and projects in German.

Since September 2006 and untill August 2008 FAM leads the transnational EU Project "Gender Budgeting as an instrument for managing scientific organisations to promote equal opportunities for women and men - with the example of universities" which we would like to introduce to you.

Apart from the EU-project there are the following workings groups active in Frauenakademie at the moment

  • Gender Mainstreaming which is a group of women who is discussing different aspects of gender mainstreaming and is planning events.
  • Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften which is group of women who works on the question of a sustainable economy which considers alternatives of economical thinking to the "typical" male career as role model.
  • Two Promotionsgruppen which are groups of women who organise to support each other on the way to their PHD.
  • Frauen & Geschichte Bayern which is a cooperation of women who work on historical subjects with a special focus on women in history.

FAM further more supports women who want to launch their own working group on a feminist or gender studies topic and who need a meeting point.


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